Introducing Mortimer H. Potimus, known to his friends as "Morty".
Leanne was kind enough to pose with Morty, 
even though he was not made for her. 
(She wants a giraffe, in green please.)
Morty will be headed to his new (secret) home soon.
Hippo butt!

Morty was made with sock yarn, a small freaking size B/2.25mm hook, and the Heidi Bears "Happypotamus" pattern with one modification - I like my linked-dc join better than the pattern's straight dc's. 
Love the braided look it gives the motif edges and that it's tighter so no less stuffing can escape.

Next on the hook - finishing Rachel's turtle and Addy's pegasus unicorn before starting Marie's turtle and Leanne's giraffe. Anybody else want to get in line?


Vickie said...

Love Morty's colors!