The Great Pumpkin Hunt of '14

We left it kinda late this year.

Between our Albuquerque trip, school, illness and life in general, this was the first chance we've had to visit the pumpkin patch with the little girls.
Skipping it was not an option. Going to get pumpkins is one of Leia's very favorite things.
Doesn't matter that she'd already been with Mary; going with Grandma and PopPop is tradition.

Both girls had their school Halloween party and parade today - and no school tomorrow; when did Halloween become a school holiday??? - so both were costumed and ready. Leanne opted to not wear her Ariel princess dress, going instead with a sparkly little ballet outfit.

The pumpkins were a bit picked over but the girls didn't care; they had fun climbing haystacks,
chasing through the maze,
pulling each other in the wagon (which didn't work out so well when Leia was riding and Leanne was pulling.)

All in all, a nice, spooky afternoon.


Vickie said...

Fun afternoon!!!