Spice Kid Tutorial

I love finding new, fun, inexpensive things for the grand-girls to do. This project turned out to be a huge hit. Leia, 6, played "Chef" for a couple of hours, then off and on for several more. With Leanne, 3, it was good for a solid hour, then off and on for another hour or so. And best of all? They cooperated and played well together, with no bickering. Hooray!
Step 1: Clean out your spice rack. Be sure to check the expiration dates, just for grins. My worst one expired in 2006, but hey, I don't use pumpkin pie spice ever very often.
Step 2: Put expired spices, non-breakable containers, measuring spoons and a variety of stirring implements on the counter. Throw in a bottle of "pretty" popcorn kernels you are never going to use. Add measuring cups and water. 
Step 3: Step back and let the fun happen.
Leia kept insisting that I call her "Boss" or "Chef".
Optional: Nose plugs. When mixed together, some of those spices really stink.
Bonus: Hubby thought it would be really bad (as in call-the-plumber bad) to put the final 'soup' down the garbage disposal, so I poured it around the landscaping out front. If nothing else, the two containers of red pepper the girls used will keep wild critters and neighborhood cats out of there for quite awhile!