WIP Fest

One finished project -
a flower potholder for a class I'm teaching. Love how this turned out - so bright and cheerful. 
The hardest part is getting the white trim to look neat and tidy, especially on the back.
and a bunch of works-in-progress. 
Shawl for a friend;
another shawl that's been promised for a year or so. . . .  
sweater for me (a crochet-along with my Thursday night peeps);
and the knitting project that will probably give me an ulcer. I'm making a coat; a KNIT coat. My favorite part? 
The little numbered markers the instructor made for us. I love watching them flow past my flying lumbering needles. Two weeks in - class goes till the end of July - and I'm already well behind my fellow students. Oh, well; slow and steady gets it done, right?