Vacation Souvenirs

Want to see what I brought home from our Colorado trip? 
A big pile of fabric and a t-shirt rainbow.
I know this isn't what 'normal' people consider souvenirs, but to me it's just perfect.

It all started with a trip to Rachel's local JoAnn's. I love that store - so big, so clean, so airy - and I really love their remnants bin. 50% off the lowest sale price? What's not to love??? Our crazy buying spree carefully planned shopping began with  a few choice remnants - 
I mean really; how could I pass up postal cancellation fabric???
Then we found that the cotton fabric, the stuff I mainly use for the little girl's dresses, was on sale for 40% off. So we bought a little . . . .
  (the pink in the center and the pink/black on the far right are Rach's favorites; 60's paisley is back is style. Kinda scary.) 

And who could pass up these greens? So hip, so cheerful, so on sale . . .
We needed a few coordinating fabrics to add color-block trim (also very 'in' right now) to the planned little girl dresses . . . .
and before we knew what hit us, we had a shopping cart crammed full of fabric, including these dragonflies that I Had.To.Have.,
and just a bit of red, white and blue stars to make Addy a patriotic dress for fireworks day.
I think this was all meant to be, too. Remember the orangie plaid we found first off? Perfect match with this tee Rachel found later in the day.
With maybe just a touch of the green for accent?
Oh yeah, somebody's going to kindergarten in high style.    


Anonymous said...

hahahahha! I chuckled at that last line so loud in my head, out loud, it was just that closed-mouth-nose-laughing.

Anyway, when I saw you had a new post, and that it was a picture of a big pile of fabric, I got really giddy--as if I was the one who scored a stash! Ahhh, vicarious blog-living! :)

Happy sewing to ya! Looking forward to the results, and I've had fun "vacationing" with you :)