Not Too Old

I took Naia with me today when I met a friend to pick up a few new-to-me bobbin lace books she'd found at an estate sale*. The meet-up was at a farm stand about halfway between our homes, in an area I used to drive through daily when hubby and I lived in Moorpark many, many years ago. (Do you need 3 "many's" when it's been over 25 years??)
I didn't realize just how much things had changed until we went into the farm stand to get a few things** and discovered they now have a small petting zoo and kid's play area, along with pick your own blueberries and raspberries.
Naia instantly forgot that she's now a sophisticated, grown-up 11 year-old (just ask her; she'll tell you) and started begging to see the animals - which lead to begging for quarters to buy food to feed the goats, sheep and one very uninterested alpaca. 
Naia got a little freaked when the sheep started shoving each other to get at the grain in her hand, but she loved the goats and their climbing gym that included a shed, over-head walkways and a separate tower.
What started as a simple errand turned into a really fun trip for the two of us. And tomorrow? I may just have to take Leia and Leanne for a little visit.     
*I love having friends who know my crafty hobbies and pick up things they think I might like. Thanks, Jill!
** Naia's choices? Big russet potatoes, asparagus, Granny Smith apples, and watermelon. My additions? Seedless grapes, corn on the cob (for hubby) and Gala apples.Yummmmmmmmmmmm.


Restless Knitter said...

I love seeing the goats up on the roof and ramps. Last Saturday morning it looked like they were all up there. Glad to hear Naia had a good time.