Dancing Princess

The little girls have had a great time these past few days, coming up with all kinds of things to do and games to play together. Last night, Leia decided they needed to dress-up and dance. She put on her favorite princess dress, then helped Leanne into a Tinkerbell outfit, adjusting her wings,and finding the perfect shoe for her. (Only one though; who needs two high heels, right? Maybe that's been my problem all these years??)
Leanne waited impatiently, banging on the door constantly, patiently and quietly while Leia took care of a little business  
 and then they were off -
twisting and turning, 
to-ing and fro-ing,
spinning here,
and twirling there,
while Leanne just kept grinning and grinning and grinning. 
Can't wait to see what they decide to do tonight. 


Petunia Pill said...

Ahhhhh, the joys of being young and carefree. Lucky you to be witnessing all their joy and celebration of life... firsthand! They're adorable!

Vickie said...

My IPAD doesn't like your blog..it won't let me type 2 wierd words without trying to 'correct' them. I was trying to tell you these pictures are beyond wonderful! Talk about endless enchantment for grandparents!