Little Girls and Weddings

The last few days have been busy, busy, busy. We picked up Rachel and Addison from the airport Friday morning, walked miles and miles down the Strip - ok it just felt that way; but we did do blocks and blocks, including a revist to the Bellagio's Conservatory. IMG_0058.JPG We met up with Breanne, Garrett and the handsome, 4-month old Mr. T later in the afternoon. IMG_0057.JPG We were all staying in the same hotel - a wonderful find by Garrett; 1 bedroom luxury apartments for about $100 per night - so it was easy to hang out, waiting for Leanne and her parents to arrive. IMG_0053.JPG Addy was in heaven, holding "her" babies one after the other. IMG_0056.JPG Dinner and some games at Circus Circus and we were all ready for bed. Saturday was the wedding. I don't have the 'official' photos yet but Addy got her first limo ride IMG_0055.JPG and Rachel - the matron of honor - and Addy - the flower girl - looked lovely in blue. IMG_0054.JPG We're staying another night in Vegas to avoid the horrible Sunday traffic back to L.A., enjoying a laid-back, peaceful day with Leanne. We're looking forward to being home but not to tomorrow's 5+ hour drive.