Table Topper

The quilt bug still has me firmly in its grip. I finished this little quilt - for the table beside 'my' seat on the couch - before the doll marathon, but forgot to take pictures until now.The pattern is from the same book as my Bright Star quilt. I'd finished the first three projects in the book and needed to wait for the next class (about three weeks away at that point) before starting the next set of blocks, but . . .  I still had the make-it-now bug, so I came up with this little project, using scraps from my stash.And it's full of memories - the brown on the front is from Rachel's birthday present; the brown on the back is from the first quilt I made;
the blue/gold stripes was used in a gift for a friend; the solid blue came from Breanne and Garrett's Christmas present; and the yellow and red fabrics were a gift from a buddy when I got my new sewing machine. And see that little white thing in the right corner above? 
Oh yeah, I have labels.