It's The Little Things

This little bitty pipe,
with it's little bitty hole,
made one h*ll of a big mess when it began spewing hot water out from under the cabinet in our guest bathroom Tuesday night. It took every towel and bed sheet we owned to stem the flood until hubby was able to get the water to the house turned off. 
The third, and hopefully last, load to wash. 

He patched it temporarily, we crossed our fingers, and turned the water back on 30 minutes later to . . . . no more flooding. A trip to the hardware store today, a short stint under the bathroom sink, and all is good again. 

I {heart} my handy hubby!


Petunia Pill said...

Indeed, a handy husband is a wonderful blessing. I have the variety that THINKS he's handy and then one big MESS later we have to call the plumber to clean it all up. =) Glad you're getting back to normal now.