75 x 58

Remember the first quilt top I started? The one I did after falling in love with the 1600 quilt? The reason I started quilting in the first place? It's done.In today's marathon session, I added a 1" border all around,
then put a 3" border on the long sides and 6" on the top and bottom. 
I needed it big enough to cover hubby when he's sound asleep relaxing in front of the teevee.Still need to square it up a final time - much too tired to take a cutting implement to my new baby tonight. Then it's on to the quilt sandwich and some stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. 

So what's next?  Turn this -into a quilty Christmas present.

And turn these -
hand-dyed by my weaving buddies - into this.
Bought the fabric on Thursday; found the pattern today. Perfect timing. Mine won't look exactly like the picture (how boring would that be, right?) My 'rule' when picking the colors was that I could use only Deb and Gerri's fabric. I think it just might work.

But before all that, I need to finish a birthday present. And I'm not telling what it is. (That ought to make Wenona crazy. heehee)


Wenona said...

You are such a tease. :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I think we may have lost you to quilting, but what beautiful projects you have planned.