Back in March, I put the new warp on the loom (here) and started weaving. I was so excited to finish the not-very-exciting threading part and get down to the fun of actually tossing the shuttle back and forth. Riiiiiiiight. That lasted about 2".

Fortunately, I had planned to weave a short sample to make sure I had done the threading correctly. Unfortunately, I found three errors - the same *#&%$ mistake in three separate places.

Naia fell in love with the blue pattern and literally begged (with hugs and kisses and 'pretty pleeeeeeeeeeses') to have it as a blanket for her American Girl doll. So I wove a slightly longer sample - about 17" - then cut it off the loom and set about fixing my boo boos.

Hubby cut a thin slit in the top and bottom of some leftover metal heddles so I could slide them on the harnesses in the correct locations. Then I slowly and carefully pulled the errant threads out, re-threaded them though the heddles and reed, and tied them back onto the front warp beam.
It would have gotten done much faster if I hadn't had to stop and move the cat from my chair every time I got up. Even if I stood up just long enough to look at the threads, by the time I tried to sit back down, Lily had jumped up into "her" spot.

Finally, with fingers firmly crossed, I started weaving again. . . .
Success! Love this pattern (4-shaft Twill Towels from Webs).