Awesome Times Pi

It took me three months, but my Pi Shawl is done. Edie, Colleen and I started this in a class back in January. Colleen finished hers at least a month ago; Edie still has a few stitches to go but she's putting a much wider border on than the one I did.

I used
one ball, 230 yards, of Kid Silk Haze for the border and one skein, 700 yards, of Kauni Wool 8/2 for the main section of the shawl. All those colors from one ball of yarn. Kauni is amazing.
And a tad scratchy. So I gave the finished shawl a warm bath in some SOAK, then pinned it out last night on the ping pong table -
the only surface in our house big enough for this thing. Three sets of blocking boards later, the entire 57" diameter was blocked and drying. And I love it. It's big enough to wear folded in half, which is how I thought I'd be wearing it. But that doesn't really show off the colors or the concentric beauty. So now I'm thinking long, with a shawl collar, is better. And wouldn't you know - the day I finished this, the temps climbed into the 80's. The last week has been cloudy with drizzles. Guess I'll have to find some well air conditioned places to wear this, 'cause I'm going to wear it. So pretty.


Rach said...

I really like that!

Vickie said...

It looks like cobwebs it is so delicate looking...LOVE it!!