Zhu Zhu Races

The two things Naia most wanted for Christmas were Hexbugs and Zhu Zhu Pets. She must have been very good this year because Santa (and her grandparents) got her plenty of both. Hexbugs run in their own habitat sets (sold separately, of course) but the cooing, purring Zhu Zhu's run free - as demonstrated by today's races. I thought the silly things would go just in a straight line, stopping when they ran into something, but they stop, back up, or go off at angles seemingly at will. Both girls were giggling and chasing the Zhu Zhu's around the house, trying to keep them out from under the couch and get them across the "finish line". Watching them was absolutely hilarious. Neither hamster would cooperate, so neither "won" the race, but the girls were having so much fun, they didn't care. And they're already planning a new course for tomorrow's race.


Vickie said...

Giggling grandkids is what life is all about!!! :) v