Going For 20

I finished several shawls while we were in Colorado but my favorite accomplishment was turning Addison into a shawl wearer. She grabbed this one as soon as it was done and tried to claim it as her own; we compromised with my making her a shawl from washable yarn rather than the handspun wool and linen in the one above.

Shawl #16 -
A half-granny shawl using a combination of yarn I spun (the top half; BFL roving from All Spun Up) and Cascade's 'Rustic' that is an almost perfect match in color and texture. A total of 452 yards, which makes this one of my smaller shawls for the year. More details here.

Shawl #17 - my new favorite pattern, Bernat #4922, using my new favorite yarn, Zauberball Starke 6. I don't usually go for pinks but I love the vibrant colors in this. Details are here.

And finally, Shawl #18 -
this 100% alpaca yarn has been sitting in my stash since our New England trip in the Fall of 2007. I tried making two other projects with it, but ended up frogging both. I'm glad I waited - love how the colors look in this Bridal Shawl. More info is here.

I have another shawl done - with an unknown wool/silk yarn that was gathering dust in the stash - but I don't think the yardage is going to meet the requirements for 10 Shawls in 2010. Pictures of that tomorrow (if I remember).


Anonymous said...

My goodness, your creativity leaves me gasping!!! :) v