Free Spirit

And free entertainment too*. Leia's almost over her cold and definitely feeling better. She was full of herself last night and today, entertaining us with her antics.

Unfortunately, the antics began at 3:30 A.M. when she woke up calling for Meema and ready to play. A quick diaper change and she was back asleep . . . .
all the way to 5:00, when she announced that she was hungry - and so were Tiana, Dora and Boots, her constant companions since Christmas morning. She carries them everywhere, always all 3 together, and always insisting "me do it" when I offer to help.
Leia is to the point that she knows what she wants and isn't shy about sharing that info. When hubby or I don't understand what she's saying, she patiently leads us by the hand
to what she wants (you can almost hear her mentally sighing - silly grandparents).

She spotted this headband
at Michael's before Christmas and had to have it (cost - .80! It costs so little to make them happy at this age.) I thought it would be quickly forgotten but she wears it almost everyday, and always the same way - hippie style. Can't you just see her in a tye-dye shirt and birkenstocks?

And today it was the must-have accessory for reading to her babies.
After helping PopPop open the delivery from Barnes & Noble, she grabbed a book, carefully removed the dust jacket, and proceeded to carry it around all afternoon and evening, reading it (upside down, of course) to her dolls. She made the story sound so interesting that I can't wait to read it for myself - provided I can pry the book out of her hands anytime soon.

*There is some - not much, but a little - crafting happening too. Trying to finish up a crocheted shawl before '10 Shawls in 2010' ends Friday night (Oslo time). Pictures soon. I hope. Leia willing.