Trick or Treat

The girls are going out tonight as matching fairy princesses.

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I think these are super cute costumes - the tights add the perfect touch. And Leia is thrilled because she gets to look just like her big sister.
She doesn't understand what trick-or-treating is yet; she's going to be even happier about 6:05 tonight.

Naia and her {very temporary} face tattoo

Naia thinks Halloween should be a national holiday - and, probably more importantly, a school holiday. She's been trying to convince me all day that she has tomorrow off for Halloween. I'm not buying it. But after all the sugar kids will consume tonight, teachers everywhere are going to wish they had the day off.

Happy Ghosts and Goblins Day!

Edited to add: Success! Leia loved trick-or-treating. It took her about two houses to figure out what was going on.
After that, she had her basket front and center - and her 'thank you's' loud and clear. We went up and down our street, then brought Leia home so Matt and Naia could continue on with some friends. I thought Leia would try to eat herself sick on her overflowing Elmo basket of goodies, but she surprised me. She tried 2 Skittles - spit them both out - and then ate a Reese's peanut butter cup and she was done. She helped answer the door for about 30 minutes before we retreated to my craft room and watched Elmo videos with Leia snuggled up on my lap with her blankie. I love kids at this age!


Unknown said...

those girls are adorable and then it was amplified by the matching costumes!