Darn Cute Pin Cushion

I needed a pin cushion for my bobbin lace kit, so I grabbed a small ball of wool that I spun while working the Guild's county fair booth this year,
Top side

crocheted the rounds, stuffed them with fiberfill and tossed them in the washer with super hot water. Once they came out of the dryer, I added vintage buttons from my stash, some yarny details, and voila! Darn cute pin cushions made with stuff I had laying around the house.
Bottom side

I was surprised that my little bit of handspun was enough to make three of these. The flower-shaped cushion is mine; I gifted
the others to my bobbin lace buddies. The original pattern (on Ravelry here; non-Ravelry link here) wasn't felted but I needed something less open to keep my tiny lace pins from sliding away into the batting, never to be seen again. Very fun, easy project. I'm super pleased with how these turned out.


Anonymous said...

Super cute!! :) v

Beatriz said...

I love it. I'll have to try this soon. I'm always looking for places to keep my darning needles and cable needle in a handy place by the TV.