Cooking School

Whenever Naia comes to visit, we try to do a little cooking. When she was younger, washing the dishes was her favorite part (mainly so she could play in the suds). Now she loves mixing things up and getting her hands dirty. Sunday night we made porcupines, aka meatballs and rice. I did the seasoning but Naia added the other ingredients and did all the mixing before we shared meatball rolling duties. (She can't have all the fun; I love rolling meatballs too!)

The first time I made this dish for her, Naia turned up her nose and refused to even try it. A little negotiation
(you don't have to eat it if you don't like it - but you do have to try it) got her to try a small bite and now this is her favorite, must-have-at-grandma's-house meal.
And how does Leia like them? This was her second helping.

Leia switches from her right to her left had at will. Neither seems dominate yet.

I think the 'pines are a winner.


Restless Knitter said...

I think you should share the recipe for the meatballs!