Scarf Day

Finished up two scarves that will be going to my favorite yarn shop on Tuesday. This lacy Tunisian scarf is made with Filatura di Crosa's 'Tempo Fancy'. It looks and feels like silk but is a blend of cotton and acrylic. Love the texture, the drape, the colors - basically love everything about it. I'd love to have a sweater made from this, if it was just a little less pricey.

This one is Wavelength, made with Noro 'Kureyon' sock yarn. Hated working with this yarn; it kept kinking and knotting back on itself, plus it's scratchy and rough. But the pattern really shows the famous Noro colors to perfection. And a long soak in warm water and hair condition did an amazing job of softening the finished scarf. My scarf is much shorter than the 8-foot original but more manageable and practical for So.Cal. weather.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh...I don't know which one I love most! Gorgeous!!! :) v

Dogmommy4 said...

Wavelength ~~~~ pretty hot, e!
When's the class? :o)