AddaNana and LeiaBodea

Addy and her family arrived last week for a quick 3-day visit.

Addy and her mommy. At 3, Addy's as tall as most 5-year-olds

We picked them up at LAX Friday morning and dropped them off again on Monday. Needless to say, we crammed as much into those 3 days as we possibly could. Friday was a pizza party - and I have no photos. Guess I was too busy having a great time. Hopefully Rachel got some that she'll share (hint, hint . . . )

On Saturday, the boys went on a half-day deep sea fishing excursion.
They swear they caught the 18 or so fish they brought home, that they weren't store-bought. Without photographic evidence though . . . .

While they were gone, we girls hung out at home. Leia and Addy were fascinated with each other.Whatever Addy did, Leia did. Addy wants to watch a movie on mom's iPhone? You can bet Leia will be right behind her. Addy turned our bay window into a stage and dance floor. She taught Leia and Payton (Gary's girlfriend's daughter) to do the 'slide, step' she'd learned in dance class. That quickly escalated into 'shake a booty' and general silliness. It was hilarious watching three little baby butts wiggling - and three little girls seeing how many handprints they could get on the front window.

Sunday I had to teach a crochet class while Dick, John and Rachel took Addy and Leia to a kid's trout fishing place in Agoura Hills. Addy caught two 13" rainbow trout, although one jumped off the hook before Dad could get a grasp on it. Fortunately, Leia decided this was the perfect time to enjoy one of her favorite activities. Had she been awake, she'd have kept PopPop on his toes, trying to keep her away from the water and hooks and every other thing that fascinated her.

Then we all joined up at the beach in Ventura for what Addy had been waiting not so patiently for - sand and sea.
The boys and their girls: John and Addy; Dick and Leia.

It was typical summer beach weather - foggy, cold and windy. The little girls couldn't have cared less. They were thrilled with their shovels, buckets of sand and water running over their toes. And when PopPop shared an apple pie with her? Leia was in heaven. The adults were ready to leave about five minutes into this adventure but the girls were having a blast. We lasted almost an hour before our noses turned to popsicles and we decamped down the road to our favorite seafood parlor.
Poor Leia was exhausted. She was asleep less than five minutes later.

All in all, a very nice - but much too short - weekend.

*Chris and Naia were at a baby shower in Sacramento, and Miles was with his dad. We missed them!