Florida - Part 2

Day 5 - Back to the Magic Kingdom for another 7 hours of fun. No photos though - Rachel has them all on her camera (hint, hint, Rach.)

Day 6 - Dropped Rach at the airport and headed south for the Everglades. Almost 200 miles and 5 hours later, we were on a 2-hour tram tour of Shark Valley. Next up was alligator wrasslin' and an air boat ride into the 'glades

One of the many birds we saw on the Everglades river.

This guy jumped right onto our boat, walking to within an inch of my arm.

before we headed south again, ending up in Key Largo for the night.

Day 7 - drove south through the Keys,

The old 7-mile Bridge, where 'True Lies' was filmed.

making it about half way to Key West (over 70 miles) before turning around and heading to the beach at our hotel. The water is a variety of gorgeous greens and blues, but it's almost impossible to get a picture that reflects that - the land and sea are about the same height and the only elevations are the bridges, inconveniently marked 'do not stop,' not even to take pictures. Tomorrow we fly home from Miami. Looking forward to getting back to our normal routine.


Rach said...

Love the picture of Dad holding the alligator!