Proud Teacher

I love teaching others to crochet - and I really love when they have FO's to show off. I taught my niece Breanne to crochet several years ago. She did a couple of things and then put it away. I thought she'd given it up until yesterday when I received this photo - That's Garrett, holding the shawl Breanne crocheted for his mother. I'm so proud. Didn't she do good?

About a year ago I taught a shawl class based on a pineapple doily pattern. It was a complicated project and most in the class never finished their wrap. But last Tuesday, one student brought in her completed shawl.
It's hard to tell in these pix, but the yarn - Blue Heron's Metallic Rayon - has a subtle sparkle. And Laura's *very* tight gauge worked really well with this yarn. I thought the colors would be too busy with this pattern. Wrong. It's drop-dead gorgeous and has a soft, flattering drape. I offered to block this for Laura, since she doesn't have a blocking board - and since it gave me a chance to get a couple of photos to show off. My self-appointed assistant, Lily - ended up getting booted and locked out of my studio shortly after this. Seems someone likes pulling out the t-pins I use to hold the shawl in place. And then chasing them around the room. Yeah, just what I need - sharp pointy objects hiding in the carpet.Someone is quite a pain in the b*** for being so cute.


Mongoose said...

Wow, that pineapple shawl is gorgeous. Where can I get the pattern?

Carol said...

I agree, it is gorgeous! Reminds me of a peacock! I too would love a copy of the pattern. You must be a great teacher as pineapples can be tricky if you don't pay close attention.

Elisa said...

Blogger is being difficult; I can't send email responses to comments so I'm posting the info here. The pattern for the original doily is here (Ravelry link) www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/oval-pineapple-doily; or here (non-Ravelry link) www.learn-how-to-crochet.com/doily.html . I just kept going out the sides to make them longer.

Mongoose said...