I bought Leia a toy bowling set for Christmas and I'm not sure who had more fun with it today, us or Leia. She quickly picked up on the fact that it was OK to knock the pins down. It's the way she was doing it that cracked us up. Meet Leia - the human bowling ball. She'd set up a pin or two (or we'd sneak behind her and set them all up), put the ball in her mouth, mow down all the pins, and then applaud. We were in stitches. The only one not amused was poor Lily. She heads for the hills whenever Leia or Payton* show up (Payton, 18 months, is the daughter of Gary's girlfriend, Samantha). Lily wanted to get to me but Leia was between us, so she hid under the couch, trying to sneak past when Leia wasn't looking. I love that you can see her six toes in the top photo.

*Teaching Payton to weave. Whenever a camera points her way, Payton spontaneously says "cheese". So cute!