After a quick trip to Solvang with the Fiber Ladies (if you can call a 6 hour trip 'quick'), I spent the evening warping the Baby Wolf for my next weaving project. I've had this waffle-weave towel kit for about 2 years. I was inspired to get it out of the cabinet and onto the loom by this project. I know it doesn't look like it, but this is actually an organized mess - a separate helping hand (warp cross holder - Dick made them, of course) holding each of the towel's four colors. It took almost four hours but the 400+ threads are all in the reed.

I probably could have finished sooner but I kept having to deal with Miss Sulky. AJ knows that night time is when she gets to sleep in my lap while I crochet or knit. She is not amused that warping the loom is an up-and-down process, meaning no lap to perch on. Her current method of showing her displeasure? Chewing through any warp threads that hang down from the loom. Yeah, I'm not amused either.

Tomorrow I'll start threading the heddles with a goal of having the warp tied on and ready to actually start weave by Sunday.