Photo Op

We took advantage of having all four baby grands in one place to have professional photos taken. That poor photographer! Working with four squirmy, fussy, unfocused kids is not my idea of a fun job. It took her awhile, but we finally got 11 usable photos, two of which had all the kids smiling. I love this one; the way the baby has her hand on Addy's head, while Miles gives his best silly face.

Miles, 3; Naia, 8; Leia, 13 months; and Addison, 2

How did the rest of the photos look? Kinda like this.
Leia usually has the best temperament, all smiles and giggles. But she was NOT happy that grandma wasn't holding her. Dick and I finally had to leave the room and let Matt and Rachel wrangle the kids. Definitely worth the trauma, though. The photos are priceless.