Knit Envy #2

Finished the second Noro Striped Scarf-Crochet Edition. I love these colors together; so warm and cheerful - and so me. This is three colors of Noro Silk Garden. The red is the same as I used in the Cozy Cabin jacket. The purples are from two different colorways, but they're close enough that you don't notice. I thought ending with a repeat of the beginning orange-purple color sequence tied this together nicely.

I checked out new memory cards for my camera while we were shopping for Dick's new digital camera today. (He got this one. Very nice; very reasonably priced.) I got a 4 GIG card for just over $12. Absolutely amazing how much memory card prices have come down. I remember when there was no such thing as 'gigs' of memory - or digital cameras for that matter. (I remember when gas was .25 a gallon too. My kids never believe me when I say that.) And the card holds more than the 999 photos my camera will count up to. Over one thousand high detail pix on one tiny card. Wild.

Almost ready for our trip!