Laundry Rules

  • If my clothes (or dad's) are in the dryer and you need to use it, you have 3 – and only 3 – options:

#1: Let me know, politely, that you need to use the dryer.

#2: Come back later when the dryer has been emptied.

#3: Neatly fold or hang up whatever is in the dryer.

You’ll notice that ‘dump everything in a heap on the counter’ is NOT an option.

  • When you finish doing laundry, take your stuff upstairs and put it away. Do NOT leave it tossed/abandoned on the counter, floor, or anywhere else.
  • If it has holes, doesn’t fit, or you don’t plan to use/wear it again, THROW IT AWAY, do not leave it to compost in a hamper or on the counter.
  • Your assistance is sincerely appreciated. Or there’s a pay laundromat in town that will appreciate your business.

Your loving mother and landlord.

Think the boys will get the not-very-subtle hint? Nah, me neither.