Flowers of Ireland

Taking photos of flowers is one of my favorite things to do on our trips. I say it's for Carolyn (hi, Carolyn!) but it's also because I love the colors and textures, and the challenge of seeing if I can get a new angle or spectacular shot.

The good thing about Spring vacations is that you see lots and lots of flowers. The bad thing is that you often get rained on. And in Dublin we did both. The parks - St. Stephen's Green
and Merrion Square, with its beautiful Georgian buildings in the background - were two of the most gorgeous public spaces we've ever seen. Maybe they were at their very best because it was Easter weekend, but both were impeccably groomed, with riotous banks of color everywhere. Enjoy! (if you click the four-arrows icon in the slideshow below, the photos become full-screen sized. Better to see the rain drops on petals.)


Dogmommy4 said...

When I only had my 35mm camera I loved to take close up photos of flowers, leaves, all sorts of fauna. I have many many boxes of flowers from my years in S. Carolina. I enjoyed your slide show. Can't wait to see what else you brought back from Ireland!