Itsy Bitsy FOs

Last week, my favorite LYS got a call from a knitter asking for help with crocheted flowers. She wanted someone to show her how to make the embellishments for the knitted baby blanket she'd just completed. She had the pattern, with directions, so I said sure, no problem.

Ahem. The directions were in Italian. And the knitter didn't speak crochet so having her translate them into English was a no-go. We struck a deal; I brought the pattern photo home and with the help of Ravelry (I {heart} Ravelry!) I came up with these -
and these - from her leftover baby yarn. They look huge in the photo but are pretty small; the top flowers are 2.5" across and the bottom ones are about 1.75".

I've been doing my part to stimulate the economy. Knit Picks Harmony needles.
I need them for my take-along to Kansas project. And some needle felting supplies - a kit, book and spare needles from the Woolery. A few more packages should make an appearance by Friday. Sure hope George W. comes through with that rebate check.