I was reading through Doris Chan's book, Amazing Crochet Lace, last night and found a pattern I really wanted to make. (Added: I just found this photo. Pretty, yes?) But it takes 10 balls of yarn that normally sells for $7.99 each. Way too much money for something I might not even like. I was in my local Michael's today and they had the yarn (Lion Brand's Incredible) FOR $2 A BALL!!! Guess what I'm making tonight . . . . .

The reason I was reading that book? Marie and I are leaving tomorrow for a weekend at scrapbook camp. There will be eight of us total so we'll have the place all to ourselves; no "outsiders", just family and friends. No meals to cook, no dishes to wash, no beds to make. No getting out of our pj's all weekend if we don't want to.

But I'm not in the mood to scrapbook (haven't been for a while now) so I'm taking a few sets of pictures to organize. And then I'm going to crochet the days away. I want to make this
into a shawl, probably with yarn I have from here or maybe from here. Wish me luck!