Meet Helga - and an FO

After today's Guild holiday party, we went to the annual Artist-in-Residence Holiday Sale at CSU Channel Islands. It's a great facility with lots of artists and a wide variety of mediums, including two weavers who are members of my guild. Dick & I try to go every year; we've never purchased anything, but it's fun to see how the center is growing and what everyone is working on.

Well, never purchased anything until this year. Guess what I found?
This is Helga*. We're not sure what Helga is (a local spinner told me she's a Penguin, but after looking at their website, I don't think that's true.) And Helga has a few issues - like missing parts. We have her flyer and bobbin, but no idea how to attach them. And this piece - but little clue what it does or where it goes. I'm hoping that with a little research, I'll find a picture or description that will help us put Helga back together. I searched the web tonight, but haven't had any luck so far. But her $15 price tag & Dick's woodworking abilities give her real potential as a treasure-in-the-rough.

I made this last night so I could wear it to today's party.
I found the shrug pattern in the Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendar. The yarn is, of course, from my favorite source - Deb at Fearless Fibers. This one is a 50/50 wool-alpaca blend called "Pumpkin Spice". Love the colors; love the texture. Nobody does colorways - especially browns - as well as Deb.

* I've no idea why "Helga"; it's just who she is. I told Rachel that I'd found a new wheel and that I wasn't planning on keeping her. I already have an idea where her new home will be, if we can get her working again. Rachel's reaction? "Don't name her. You'll never let her go." Too late. And she may be right.


Anonymous said...

I swear I just saw one similar on the site Suzie sent us. I'd have to double check......but check out the peacock... ????

Theresa said...

And that must be why people love crochet - making it in an evening - how tempting!