Christmas Stockings & Traditions

I finished these last night so I could wear them Christmas Day. This isn't the best photo, but it is closest to the correct color (on my monitor at least). The yarn is Wildfoote's 'Ragtime' and the colors are a blend of the deep reds, maroons, and purples of red wine. These are made from the toe up, from bits and pieces of various patterns. They're my longest socks yet - 10" from the top of the heel to the finished edge - I just kept going until I ran out of yarn. The leg pattern is a minicluster; I love the lacy look. And the short-row heel forms a really good, tight fit. Too tight. See the puckering at the bottom of the heel and over the arch of my foot? It's really a struggle to get them on. Sooooooo . . . after I wear them Christmas Day, I'm going to frog the legs, add a couple of stitches at the top of the foot, then redo the legs, and all will be well. In theory. I hope.

Christmas Eve TraditionsOne of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is going out to Camarillo airport and waiting for a well-lighted Santa and his reindeer to do a fly-by. Every Christmas Eve, for about 12 years now, a local helicopter company has 'helped' Santa with his rounds. Early in the evening, they fly a published route over most of the county so youngsters can see Santa before going off to bed.
Santa was moving fast tonight, just a blur to my camera. Over the years, we've missed seeing Santa only a few times; once when he was rained out and a couple of times when someone in the family was sick.

After the fly-by, we tour some of the local neighborhoods that go all-out with decorations. One of our favorites is the T-bird Santa
(see Santa behind the wheel of the car? He's there every year.)

This house was nearby; the lights coming from the garage lead to a nearby power pole. It was an impressive display.
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Wenona said...

Your socks turned out great.

I remember seeing Santa fly by when we lived in Oxnard and Erika was younger and then after Glenn & I got married and the boys got to see it too. Fond memories!

Anonymous said...

ok--I am blaming Rachel. Reading your blog is like going to the craft store and seeing projects that I have to do!! Is there a place where I can get the pattern for the crocheting around the fleece blankets? And the glass blowing...are you kidding me??? The ornaments are beautiful..now if I can just convince my husband..... Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Tanya