I'm Done

Today was my self-imposed deadline for mailing presents to Colorado. I completed most of my projects -

A super soft lockerhooked rug for Addy's room made with Corriedale wool roving. This is my second rug - the first one I've completely finished - and while I love locker hooking, I'm going to have to find another way to finish the edges. Crocheting the border just about killed my hands and wrists.

A fleece blanket with crocheted border, also for Addy. I'm really pleased with this project - the fleece was on sale at Joann's for .99; the yarn is leftovers from my stash. And the frogs make an incredibly cute blanket that I think Addy (and her mom) will love.

Done! Another stash-buster blanket. This fleece remnant cost $1.19 and the border is more stash yarn. I love the cats. And . . . .

Not done. (sorry about the crummy photos; I just couldn't get my camera to cooperate today.) The cotton sweater is done (except for seaming the cuffs) but I'm just not feeling the love for these pants. Not wanting to hold up the rest of the presents, I told myself I'd finish these & mail them later. Anybody want to bet on whether or not they get done?