Sharks and Butterflies

Today's quest was to visit the butterfly exhibit at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.
We've been here before (when Leanne was a teeny tiny little thing, and with Naia who claimed she was scared of the butterflies), 
and toured the exhibit in Denver with Addy, 
but it's always fun to admire the colors and delicacy of the flutterbys  
and their special garden. (more butterfly pictures at the end of this post . . . )
The museum has added several new kid's areas - touch, smell, play, color - which the girls loved. We'll definitely be back again soon.

And since we were already in Santa Barbara . . .
and the Sea Center Museum on the wharf was included in our membership . . . .
and the girls didn't have enough toys already . . . .
we stopped by for a quick visit with the jellyfish. 
This is one of my favorite museums.

I love the hands-on approach 
and the enthusiasm of the college-age docents. 

And petting a tiger shark is just cool, I don't care how old you are.  

Just a few of the 116 pictures I took of butterflies today . . . 
Painted Lady (?)
Zebra Longwing


Julia Longwing

Polydamas Swallowtail

Common Buckeye (?)