Super Secret Stuff

Sewing - and other stuff - has been happening, but since it was all intended for gifts, I couldn't show it until now. I made travel-size pillowcases for Addy and Rachel.
At least, the butterfly one was intended for Rachel. Addy has apparently claimed them both, one to use in mommy's car and one for daddy's truck. You can never have too many pillows, right? Guess I'll have to make another one and sneak it out to poor Rachel.

Leia and I made matching hand-print pillow covers to give her daddy and Mary for Valentine's Day. 
I thought this would be a quick, easy job that Leia could do mostly by herself, with a little supervision. I thought wrong. 
The construction was pretty straight-forward, it was the embellishing that got out of hand (hee). We traced Leia's hands onto fabric, cut them out (my job), 
wrote names on each one (her job), then sewed them on the covers (my job). 
It was zigzagging around the fingers - and trying, mostly in vain, to do it neatly - that took so much time and aggravation. 
We eventually got it done and Leia is very pleased with the results. 
Leanne helped us with the photo shoot for a bit, 
I love this picture with Leanne in the background. So much energy.

then decided running around with her favorite backpack was much more fun.
And the flowered pillow cover Leia also made? Still to be gifted . . . .