More New Dresses

These are the new style of dresses I've been experimenting with. The pattern, more like a 'recipe', is fairly easy to follow, even for a novice like me.

Leia has Tinker Bell fabric, her current favorite 'princess'.

This was the first dress I made, and I followed the pattern carefully. There's a 3" hem (changed to a rolled hem on Addy's) and the straps are sewn on by machine, which is too messy for my taste.

I'd thought about ripping these out and re-doing them, but now I'm leaning toward leaving them alone but doing future dresses differently. I do like the finished edge around the armhole.

Addy loves the color blue, horses and has curly hair, so when I saw the bolt of "Brave" fabric, I grabbed it.

The movie isn't even out yet but Addy has the dress.

Hers is extra long - did I mention she grew 5" last year?? - with a rolled hem and hand sewn straps and armhole edging.

It took a LOT more time but was definitely worth it. Love the finished look.

Both girls love their dresses and Addy has asked, pretty please, if should can have more. Why yes, my dear, I think we can arrange that.