Dressing Up

Before we left for Colorado, I decided I HAD to make Leia and Addison some new dresses for the trip. The original plan was to make some for Leanne too - and finish a quilt - but yeah, reality check. As it was, I stayed up until 1 a.m. two nights in a row to finish these - IMG_0095.JPG 6 of Addy's 7 dresses. I made matching Disney dresses for the girls - Leanne will get one too - IMG_0098.JPG plus three more for Leia. All but two are made by adding fabric skirts to ready-made t-shirts. IMG_0096.JPG I made Addy's extra long since she grew 5 inches last year and it looks like she'll repeat that feat this year. The dresses are simple to do and very cute - plus all the fabric is from the 50% off remnant rack at Joann's, so it was super inexpensive.

No pictures yet of the two new style dresses; I'll try to get those soon. That pattern recipe is also pretty easy but I'm still new enough to sewing that I'm very proud of how they turned out.