Casinos. Check.

If you're in Las Vegas, you have to check out the casinos, right? We wandered around the Bellagio checking out their super high end stores - including hubby's favorite, Omega watches - IMG_0041.JPG dropped a (very) few dollars, and admired their gorgeous Conservatory, complete with carousel, stunning flowers, and a giant bumblebee made mainly from sunflowers. IMG_0042.JPG We also drove by the Pawn Stars shop, but weren't going to wait in line to gain admittance, so we just kept going. Just as well. Love the show. Don't want reality to spoil the illusion.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Pawn Stars fan too. You should go out to Ethel M's and go through their gardens.....supposed to be amazing. Have fun.


Marie said...

I agree with KT. Ethel M's is a must see, not to mention they have amazing chocolates!