Haven't done any spinning since last July - when the Tour de Fleece ended - but enabling showing Colleen got me back in the spinning mood. This is the last 2 ounces of some Merino wool Vickie gave me. 2-ply. 176 yards. Nice. And the 'it's been awhile' thing? I forgot to tie it together before I took it off the niddy-noddy. What a mess.

Saturday's guild program on overshot weaving got me excited about weaving again. And the latest issue of Pieceworks got me curious (again) about little Weave-It looms. It took me a little bit to figure out the warping but thanks to You-Tube I got it. This is 7 1/2 yards of fun. I'm still doing something wrong - I get an unwoven thread on 2 opposing sides when I take this off the loom - but I'm enjoying playing with it. Weave-its - the granny square of the weaving world.