Yosemite, Day 4

We’d planned to hike to Mirror Lake today but rain was forecast. . . and we got a late, lazy start. . . so we ended up exploring the paths behind the Ahwahnee Majestic Yosemite. Lots and lots of pictures . . . 

 Nestled in the arms of granite. The back lawn.

 Outdoor patio behind the tea room

 Cloudy and cold but no rain!

 I love Yosemite’s stone walls

 Merced River (I think . . .)

 Strainer - a new word I learned at Wednesday  evening’s program (hubby already knew it from his SAR days). It keeps large objects (like bodies) from continuing to float down the river. Gruesome but interesting.

 Sugar cone pine. World record cone - 10+ pounds - was found in Yosemite.

 He looks so small . . .


 More roots. There were so many trees down throughout the park, from both the drought and this year’s floods.


 More debris - and future home for wildlife?

 Stone bridge with view of El Cap

 Things you want to be *empty* when you see them in the forest.

 Heading back to the Ahwahnee 

 Pacific dogwoods look spectacular, especially with a backdrop of cedar

 Between the main hotel and the guest cabins

 Things you don’t expect to see in the forest.

 These trees were everywhere. The ranger said they bloom for a very short time. So glad we got to see them.

 Opposite side of the Ahwahnee Majestic

 A little history

 Front view