Yosemite, Day 2

 View from the shuttle stop by our hotel

 Upper Yosemite Falls 

 Where’s Waldo the deer?

 Flood height from 1997 is impressive 

 Bird photobomb 

 Meadow trail leading to Swinging Bridge

 Swinging Bridge doesn’t swing

 View from non-Swinging Bridge

 Love the color and texture of the river water

 River view of Yosemite Falls 

 Trail to Lower Yosemite Falls 

 Bridge at Lower Yosemite Falls 

 River side of the bridge

 A nice French lady took our picture

 Half Dome and the approaching rain

 Timing is everything. We had blue skies and thunder during our afternoon wander. Five minutes after we got back to our room, the skies opened up. Happy to be indoors.

 Taking flower pics while we wait for our dinner reservation 

 Floating lights á la Hogwarts (Majestic Yosemite dining room)