Introducing …

Introducing Donovan Richard, our newest grand-love, 

born Monday, April 16, at 1:21 a.m., weighing in at 8 pounds and 20.5” long, 

with a full-head of the softest brown hair you could imagine. 

 One net for dad’s hair, another for his beard.

Mr. D arrived with a bit of drama. Mama was at the hospital, in the first stages of labor, when nurses noted Donovan’s heart rate was decreasing with each contraction. Not good.

 So mad!

Thirty minutes - and one emergency c-section - later, 

Donovan was safely out and in mom and dad’s arms.

 3:20 am. 2-hours old. Dad looks pretty happy.

And lucky me got to hold him when he was just two hours old! 

 Three generations 

Big sister, Leia, met Mr. D on Wednesday.

Looks like love at first sight,

on both their parts. 

Mom and baby are home now, doing well,

and Donovan is gradually meeting the rest of his family.

 Auntie Marie

Fortunately, he is very good-natured and is taking everything in stride. . . so far at least . . .

 Leanne and Donovan 


captainhook said...

Let’s hear a collective: Awwww! So cute!