EPP Progress

I’ve been working on my English paper piecing (EPP) project for about a month and finally have enough done to show progress.

This fabric ⬆️ . . .

now looks like this ⬆️ . . . 

on its way to becoming this ⬆️. The red line in the upper right corner shows what I’ve completed so far. Still a looooooong way to go.

I’m still surprised at how much I enjoy the hand-sewing and slow progress. I do a bit each night, while watching tv, trying not to over-do and re-injure my shoulder*. I keep expecting to get bored and move on to other projects, but that hasn’t happened . . . yet. This EPP stuff is addicting!

* Good news - my MRI is scheduled for Tuesday! Physical therapy didn’t resolve the problem so we’re looking at what comes next. Crossing fingers for a non-surgical fix.


Vickie said...

Absolutely love your fabrics!!! Good luck on your shoulder; keep us informed?