It’s a Quilty Christmas

This Christmas is turning into the Year of Quilts. 

Pecking Order is done and gifted,

complete with a blue toile backing. I love how this turned out; almost kept it for myself. . . 

Leanne’s quilt - which she named Heart Blossom - is also done,

including the butterflies she chose for the quilting.

She’s my Ladybug Princess so this flannel backing is perfect. 

This one is for Mouse, aka Donovan Richard, due in April.

 Sleeping baby foxes

This quilt fought me the entire way, to the point where I’d happily have thrown it in the trash. Fortunately, Leia talked me into keeping it. She loves it and, now that it’s done, so do I.

Leia picked owls and dark green thread for the long arm quilting my friend Debbie did on this. I think she chose well.

I can’t take much credit for Jaclyn’s quilt. I bought the completed top from my favorite quilt shop and Debbie did the long-arm quilting (she did all these quilts.)

Jac loves cats so this is perfect for her. The super soft minke backing fabric should also be a big hit. 

The blue metallic quilt for Mary makes five and tonight I started number six. Pretty sure I can complete the top and get it wrapped by Christmas Day. . . Finishing it will have to wait for the new year.