$10 Hamilton

So this happened.

I’ve played the Hamilton lottery since the LA touring show opened, with absolutely no expectation of winning. I mean, what are the odds?? But how could I not try for a chance to buy two $10 tickets for seats that otherwise sell for $650 each? (Not even kidding.)

Monday morning I got the daily “sorry, please try again” message for Tuesday’s performance. I figured this had been my best chance of winning since the entire theatre - all 2,703 seats - was available to lottery winners only.

Imagine my shock when the “you’ve won” message came through a couple of hours later. I couldn’t hit the “buy” button fast enough!

Anticipating a loooooong line - every ticket had to be picked up at will-call, in person, starting 90 minutes before show time -  we arrived at 4:15, ate sandwiches in the car, then sat in line in our most decrepit folding chairs (which we left for whoever wanted them) until the box office opened at 6:30.

Once we had our tickets, we had to go immediately into the theatre, where we sat for another hour (thank goodness for ebooks!) until the main theatre doors opened at 7:30.

And how was the play? Fantastic!!  

We aren’t fans of hip hop, so we were a bit worried whether or not we’d like the production, but this was - easily - one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. The only one I liked better (maybe) was our first time seeing Phantom of the Opera; it’s a tough choice for top spot between the two. We’d definitely go see Hamilton again in a heartbeat.