Wish You Were Here

We're having a great time in Colorado, spending a long weekend celebrating Rachel's upcoming birthday.


Friday was a (mostly uneventful) travel day. On Saturday, Rach and I ditched the guys and took a "gifts from the garden" class with two of her friends. Now we all want to make lavender everything! Ok, maybe not chocolates, but the lotion, bath salts and honey are definite keepers.


Saturday afternoon we headed for Manitou Springs in anticipation of today's adventures. 


First up - Ice Sculpture Festival in Cripple Creek. Some amazing works of art, including an elephant ice slide.

And yes, it really was as cold as it looks.


From the outside it looks like the usual dino museum, but it's so much more - their work restoring fossils and making molds can be seen in some of the biggest and best museums in the world. 


But we definitely saved the best for last.


We got to go on the feeding tour at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide CO!


Very educational but fun too.


And the wolves are gorgeous.


Addy was just a tad excited afterwards - she talked non-stop about what she'd seen and learned during our 90-minute excursion.


And guess who's changed her career goal and now wants to work with endangered wolves?


These are just a few of the many, many pics Rachel took today. Enjoy!