Game Plans

Today's original game plan was to drive back to Loveland and celebrate Rachel's birthday. What actually happened was a breakfast stop at the home of giant cinnamon rolls - 

any guesses how Addy felt about this place? - 
then a "quick" trip to Bass Pro Colorado Springs 
(stops at Bass Pro are never fast; too many great things for the boys to admire) 
  The kids played video games during the drive. #Addy #PopPop

before we headed to our new destination- The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg CO.
And it was FANTASTIC. 
Even the cold temps and strong wind couldn't damper our fun.
This is "the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary - with more than 450 rescued lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores living and roaming freely on 720 acres."
The 1.5 mile elevated walkway allowed us great views of the animals and their habitats
and gave Rach an opportunity to put her new camera through its paces.
We'll definitely be back - can't recommend this place highly enough!













captainhook said...

Wow! Words fail me!