Happy Halloween

We didn't have many trick or treaters this year - maybe 30-35 spread out over the entire evening? But it was a fun day, starting with getting Leanne up and dressed for her school parade, volunteering for Leia's class party,

and having JacJac 'help' hand out candies while decked out in her flamingo costume (and fast asleep) . . . .

Princess Leanne Snow White (with make-up for evening treating only)

Leia and Leanne during the school parade of costumes

Mary and I helping in Leia's classroom -

Mary came up with most of the game ideas including pin the spider on the web; funny faces with cookies and candy corn bingo.

Gary and Shelly's pumpkins - Gary's made me laugh out loud. Also Go, Kings, Go!

And Master Isaac - who wasn't due to arrive for another 8 days - got to go trick or treating with his big brother a year ahead of schedule. Smart kid.

Hope y'all had a great night with more treats than tricks!