Addy's Week of Birthday

We collected the Colorado tribe from LAX Friday night and headed out first thing Saturday morning on our first adventure.

The back-seat drivers got to watch movies - in-car video system for the boys and a shared iPad for the girls - while Rach and I navigated our way to our first stop at Ostrichland, just outside Solvang.
Leia has been here several times but it was a first for Pop and me. 
It was silly fun and the girls loved it, which is all that really matters. 
Then it was on to Cayucos for lunch and a leisurely stroll down the pier
before heading north to rendezvous with this cutie at beautiful Hearst Castle. While we were on the pier, I told the girls we might see wild zebra on Hearst Ranch - Pop and I have seen one or two on previous trips - but they thought I was joking. 
Guess again!
We saw a small zeal*, with several babies, on the outskirts of San Simeon and a bigger harem right next to the road just before the turn into Hearst Castle.
Pretty sure this was the highlight of the day for both little girls. 
The Castle was gorgeous as always.
They've begun decorating for Christmas - two big trees were up in the main room, but my favorite poinsettia tower hadn't yet made its appearance.
We wandered the grounds for a bit after the tour
then headed back to Cambria for dinner and the long drive home. Stay tuned tomorrow for more birthday week adventures!